St George the Martyr - Wootton

High Street, Wootton, Northampton

Tower Information

The tower contains a ring of six bells rung from the ground floor. Details of the ring are as follows:

Bell Weights and Casting Information


Weight (cwt-qr-lb)


Date Cast

Cast By
1 6-3-10 B 1996 John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd
2 5-3-18 Bb 1770 Matthew Bagley I
3 7-1-6 Ab 1895 John Taylor & Co
4 7-2-21 G 1660 Henry Bagley I
5 10-0-19 F 1620 James Keene
6 13-2-21 Eb 1826 W & J Taylor

The tower contact is Keith Day. His telephone number is 01604 701925 and email address ked06 The practice night is Tuesday but it is advisable for intending visitors to consult Keith Day first to find out if there will be a practice on the day of the planned visit.

There is ringing for the main Sunday service but again contact should be made with Keith day to confirm details.