Noel R Morton

Six Northampton Ringers Society members met at St Mary, Dallington, on Monday morning 2nd March 2020 to remember Noel Morton who died ten years ago on 1st March 2010. Noel was Tower Captain at Dallington for a number of years and was also active in the ringing at the Northampton town centre churches. 1260 changes in three Doubles methods were rung by the following: 1 Colin Sampson, 2 Geoffrey Brown, 3 Debbie Sampson, 4 Bridget Paul, 5 Graham Paul and 6 Alan Paul. The quarter peal took 44 minutes to completeand was conducted by Graham Paul. The band's thanks go to Rev Sue Faulkner, incumbent at Dallington, for giving permission for the ringing.

Half-muffled ringing

Half-muffled ringing took place at All Saints and Holy Sepulchre on Remembrance Sunday, 10th November 2019. Ten bells were rung at All Saints to call changes on ten and Grandsire Caters, and the back six bells were rung at Holy Sepulchre. On Remembrance Day, 11th November 2019, a quarter peal was rung at All Saints by Northampton Ringers society members again with the bells half-muffled. 1260 changes of Plain Bob Triples were rung in 51 minutes by the following: 1 Graham Paul, 2 Bridget Paul, 3 Michael Sawle, 4 Selwyn Griffiths, 5 Colin Brown, 6 Giles Willson, 7 Colin Sampson (who conducted the ringing) and 8 Nicholas Parsons.

A memorable practice

The Northampton Ringers Society practice at St Giles on Wednesday 17th July will be remembered for some time by those present. During the refreshment interval, Jennie Paul presented an ART Level 1 certificate to Wendy Gough and a Level 4 certificate to Clare Dean. Both ladies were congratulated on their progress. Then when rounds and call changes were being rung on the back eight bells, the tenor clapper parted company from the bell. Fortunately it didn't break; the bolt connecting it with the crown staple had come loose. The clapper then hit and fractured the slider as it fell and it then lodged in the floor under the bell. The noise frightened many present and some who were ringing let go of their ropes causing panic. The loose ropes were soon brought under control by Jennie Paul and Graham Paul. All the bells were then lowered allowing a maintenance crew to retrieve the clapper, which had been bent by its fall, and bring it down stairs. Tower Captain Giles Willson is now considering whether the clapper is safe to be re-used or if a new one is necessary. There will be no ringing on the back bells until the position has been clarified and appropriate steps taken.


Clare Dean was awarded her ART Level 2 certificate by Jennie Paul during the Northampton Ringers Society practice at All Saints on Wednesday 3rd July. Well done Clare.

Quarter peal at Abington

Clare Dean, an Abington ringer who also supports ringing in the Town Centre, rang her first quarter peal on an inside bell on Sunday afternoon, 16th June 2019. The ringing was published on Bellboard, as follows:
Northampton Ringers Society
Northampton, Northamptonshire
St Peter and St Paul, Abington
Sunday, 16 June 2019 in 45m (10–1–24 in A)
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Bridget Paul
2 Clare Dean
3 Geoffrey Brown
4 Andrew Brighty
5 Graham Paul (C)
6 Michael Sawle
First quarter peal on an "inside" bell for Clare.
Rung by trainers, helpers and a pupil of the Saturday morning Northampton Ringing School.
Clare rang well and was congratulated afterwards by the band members.

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