Christmas Day 2018

Unfortunately, due to many people being unavailable it, will not be possible to ring for the Christmas Day services at any of the Town Centre churches.

Northampton team win striking competition

Each year the Peterborough Diocesan Guild holds a Summer Festival, part of which is an eight bell striking competition. This years Festival was held at Rothwell on 22nd September and a team from Northampton, captained by Branch Ringing Master Giles Willson, entered. Seven teams took part and it is pleasing to report that the team from Northampton won. A team from Wellingborough was second and a team from Towcester was third. The band representing Northampton rang a touch of 168 Plain Bob Triples and the members were: 1 Jennie Paul, 2 Bridget Paul, 3 Nicola Borman, 4 Colin Brown, 5 Giles Willson, 6 Nicholas Parsons, 7 Graham Paul (who conducted), 8 Stephen Borman.

Quarter peal at SS Peter & Paul, Abington

Six Northampton Ringers Society members successfully rang a quarter peal of 1260 changes of Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles in 47 minutes on Sunday afternoon, 22nd July 2018. The band comprised Clare Dean on the treble ringing her first quarter peal, Dylan Morris on the 2nd ringing his first quarter peal in the method, Bridget Paul on the 3rd, Graham Paul who conducted was on the 4th, Colin Brown rang the 5th and Ray Starmer the tenor. Clare and Dylan were congratulated afterwards by the other band members. The ringers were either the tutor, helpers or pupils at the Saturday morning Ringing School which takes place at Abington.

PDG Spring Festival - 28th April 2018

This year's festival and six bell striking competition was centred on Flore with ringing before the competition at Kislingbury and after at Weedon Bec. Northampton Ringers Society entered two teams in the competition, named Northampton Gold and Northampton Green. The connection with the colours of the sallies at All Saints, Northampton, will be noted. The draw for the order of ringing for the ten teams that had entered took place in Flore church at 3.30pm and resulted in Northampton Gold ringing first and Northampton Green second. The Gold team comprised the following: 1 Liz Moore, 2 Clare Dean, 3 Shirley Jones, 4 Dylan Morris, 5 Graham Paul and 6 Giles Willson who conducted the call changes which the band rang. The bells were set at backstroke so the first job was to have a short practice and then set them at handstroke. When the bells were set at the conclusion of the test piece, all the ringers except Giles and Graham left the ringing room and were soon replaced by the remainder of the Green team. This band comprised the following: 1 Bridget Paul, 2 Nicola Borman, 3 Colin Brown, 4 Giles Willson, 5 Nick Parsons and 6 Graham Paul who conducted the test piece which was 120 Plain Bob Minor. Many of the ringers stayed until the results were announced and these included Northampton Gold in 7th place with 41 faults and Northampton Green in 2nd place with 22 faults. The winning team was Towcester with 13 faults.

Easter Day 2018

It is pleasing to be able to record that all the bells at the Town Centre churches with morning services, All Saints, Holy Sepulchre and St Giles, were rung on Easter Day. Fifteen Northampton Ringers Society members took part.

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