St Edmund - Hardingstone

High Street, Hardingstone, Northampton

Tower Information

The tower contains a ring of five bells rung from a gallery. Details of the ring are as follows:

Bell Weights and Casting Information


Weight (cwt-qr-lb)


Date Cast

Cast By
1 - C# 1669 Henry Bagley I
2 7-0-3 B 1871 John Taylor & Co
3 - A# 1682 Henry Bagley II
4 - G# 1669 Henry Bagley I
5 12cwt F#   Henry Bagley I

The correspondent is Norman Pope whose address is 3 Ansell Way, Hardingstone, Northampton NN4 6DP, and telephone number 01604 767456. E-mail address is

There is no practice or service ringing except by arrangement.