Welcome to Ringing in Northampton

The town of Northampton has many beautiful and historic churches. This site has been set up to provide information on ringing at the four churches in the centre of the town with peals of bells, All Saints, St Giles, Holy Sepulchre and St Peter. Regular practices are held and Sunday service ringing takes place in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and visitors are always welcome.

There is also information about the bells of other churches in Northampton.

All ringing towers mentioned on this site are in the area covered by the Northampton Branch of the Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers. The branch holds ringing meetings which are usually on Saturdays and other social activities. See the guild website at www.pdg.org.uk for more information.


Practices rotate between the four churches, with ringing generally taking place at a different tower each week. They start at 7pm and continue until 9pm. The Improvers Practice takes place between 7pm and 7.45pm and is intended for those ringing rounds, call changes, plain hunting or Plain Bob Doubles only. Between 7.45pm and 9pm is the General Practice intended for the more advanced ringers. In the months where there is a fifth Wednesday the practice may transfer to one of the towers in the suburbs of the town. Details of forthcoming practices are shown in the event calendar below.

All outside doors at All Saints and St Giles have to be kept locked during practices. Anyone intending to attend but not able to be present at either church at the start should contact All Saints Tower Captain so that access can be arranged. Contact details can be found under the towers section of this site. Additionally the doors will be opened at 8pm and 8.15pm. At St Giles the door adjacent to the south transept is used.

A ringing school takes place at All Saints on most Saturday mornings starting at 9.30 am and lasting for between an hour and an hour and a half. The simulator is used for these practices.

There are no General Practices during August.

Forthcoming Practices
Date Time Tower Notes
23/10/2019 07:15 pm St Peter Practice for all

Sunday service ringing

Regular service ringing takes place at All Saints, Holy Sepulchre and St Giles. There is ringing before the evening service at All Saints on the first and third Sundays of every month. The service begins at 6pm and the ringers meet at 5.15pm. There is also ringing before the morning service at All Saints on the second and fourth Sundays of every month. The service begins at 10.30am and the ringers meet at 9.45am. There is ringing before the morning service at Holy Sepulchre on the second and fourth Sundays following ringing at All Saints. The service begins at 11.00am and the ringers meet at 10.30am. There is ringing before the morning service at St Giles on the first and third Sundays of every month. The service begins at 10am and the ringers meet at 9.15am.

St Peter's church is closed and there is no regular service ringing. However the church lies within the parish of All Saints and up to four times each year the All Saints congregation has a service there for which the bells may be rung.

There is no regular ringing on the fifth Sundays in a month. Instead a quarter peal may be rung or ringing may take place for a service at one of the churches.

Details of all service ringing are given in the "Forthcoming service ringing" table below.

Forthcoming service ringing
Date Time Tower Notes
20/10/2019 09:15 am St Giles For morning service at 10...
27/10/2019 09:45 am All Saints For morning service at 10...

Help for anyone organising an outing to Northampton

Anyone considering organising an outing which will include ringing at the four Town Centre churches is invited in the first instance to contact Bridget Paul, All Saints Tower Captain. She will liaise with the other Tower Captains to determine any possible difficulties and also advise on timings, car parking etc.

Learning to Ring

If you are thinking of learning to ring or simply want more information about bell ringing please use the contact page to request more information.